2013 promises to be an exciting year at Evil Jester Press. We are proud to announce our three most recent acquisitions, which will all be part of EJP’s razor-sharp 2013 lineup.

CANDY HOUSE a novel by Kate Jonez
THE SUMMER OF WINTERS a novel by Mark Allan Gunnells

Christopher Conlon is best known as the editor of the Bram Stoker Award-winning anthology “He Is Legend” (Gauntlet/Tor), a Bram Stoker Award-winning tribute to author Richard Matheson which was reprinted by the Science Fiction Book Club and in multiple foreign translations. He is the author of several novels, including the Stoker Award finalists “Midnight on Mourn Street” (which he recently adapted for the stage) and “A Matrix of Angels,” as well as numerous collections of poems and stories. A former Peace Corps Volunteer, Conlon holds an M.A. in American Literature from the University of Maryland.

Kate Jonez writes dark fantasy fiction that digs around in the human psyche to see what horrors are hidden there. She is also chief editor at Omnium Gatherum, a small press dedicated to providing unique dark fantasy fiction in print, ebook and audio formats.


Carnivals. Everything you could imagine from traveling entertainment – food, games of chance, sideshows, dancing girls, funhouses, fortune tellers, rides . . . and the seeds for nightmarish realities made flesh.  Give us tales of monstrosities underneath boardwalks, circuses in the middle of nowhere, inner-city performances that boggle the imagination and sideshows containing what nature never intended.    Please supply a basic log line (1-2 sentences) about the story you’re submitting and mention any recent publications in your cover letter.  If writing under a pseudonym, please include that information as well.

  • DEADLINE: July 31st, 2012
  • WORD COUNT: 4,000-12,000 words (query for shorter / longer)
  • PAYMENT: 40% of anthology’s net-profit divided equally among authors + 1 contributor’s copy
  • MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS: Limit of two, Maximum of one accepted
  • FORMAT: RTF JUSTIFICATION: Left-justify only
  • FONT: 12 point Times New Roman or Courier New
  • TAB INDENT: ¼ inch and use margins rather than manual paragraph indents
  • SPACING: Double-Spaced
  • PAGE NUMBERING / HEADERS: No page numbers headers or footers
  • CONTACT INFORMATION: Name, Address, Phone Number and E-mail at top-left of first page
  • SUBMISSION: Send to “carnival@eviljesterpress.com” with “Last Name / Submission Title / Word Count” in the subject line


  • We welcome any questions for clarification.  E-mail them to “carnival@eviljesterpress.com
  • We will only be accepting a maximum of two (2) stories involving a sideshow.
  • No present-tense stories
  • Confirmation e-mails will be sent out once per week.
  • Some stories within the anthology will have artwork based on their work created.  Those chosen are required to sign a release.
  • Do not put your story in the body of your e-mail.  Send it as an attachment.
  • Rejection letters will contain a basic explanation.  We will do our best to be available for any questions.
  • Accepted stories will be hand-edited and returned to authors via PDF for correction.
  • Accepted stories will need an author bio (3-6 sentences) and any contact information desired for publication (website / Facebook / Twitter / etc.).


Henry Snider is a founding member of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group.  For over fifteen years he’s worked with writers to hone their craft, taught creative writing at the high school and adult levels, organized contests and lectured on writing.  More at http://www.henrysnider.com

David C. Hayes is a writer/editor/filmmaker type. He is creepy and enjoys creepy things. His films, like The Frankenstein Syndrome, Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, Back Woods and many more, are available worldwide. He has placed fiction in multiple magazines and anthologies including those published by Evil Jester Press, Bloodbound Books and StrangeHouse, among others and has written for national magazines like Outre, Brutarian and Cult Movies. David is an active member of the Horror Writers Association and the Dramatists Guild. Please visit him online at http://www.abnormalnet.blogspot.com and try not to leave a mess.

It pains me to make this report. I am used to sharing good news, but I’m faced with some very bad news.

Bill Tucker, who brought the Jester World project to EJP, has abandoned the anthology. Even though he missed multiple deadlines, Charlie and I gave him every opportunity to finish the job, and we forwarded every message sent by authors to him immediately.

We know how long all of you have waited to hear about your stories. As authors ourselves, we know how hard it is to wait. And we also know how hard it is, after waiting, to hear news like this. Please understand that we did everything in our power to save the project, and that we may do a similar project in the future. Please accept our heartfelt apology for the inconvenience.

We continue to respect Bill, and we thank him for all the work he has done in the past, particularly for The Library and its various imprints. He has always impressed us as a professional, funny, and nice man. Our opinion has not changed.


All the best,

Peter Giglio
Executive Editor
Evil Jester Press

Rick Hautala’s first novel, “Moondeath,” hailed by Stephen King in 1980 as, “One of the best novels I’ve read in the last two years” is now available through Evil Jester Press!

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