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Sixty-four page first chapter of the 320 page graphic novel:

The Last Companion

Created by William Neal McPheeters

Published by Evil Jester Comics.

The Last Companion is set on Earth in the year 3939, one thousand years after the one-hundred-year war between robots and humans nearly destroyed civilization. Humans, aided by a fortuitous meteorite collision that destroyed most of the robot army, survived, but North America’s population has been reduced to some twelve thousand hardy souls who live in New Canyon City.

Built in what was once known as a part of the Grand Canyon, new Canyon City’s multiple level dwellings line the canyon walls, and a freshwater river flows on its floor. It is a thriving metropolis despite its corrupt government, draconian laws, and rather dystopian society.

On the lower level of an eight-hundred-year old building, among the cannibalized scraps left over from the robot war, archaeologists discover, first, an unassembled, untested time machine that the robots were developing at the time they were defeated... and then, an assembled, but never activated, very human-like “Companion Robot.”

In secret, the city’s best scientific minds assemble and test the time machine and finally establish that it was designed to transport robots only, that humans, or any living organism, cannot survive transportation through time.

So they activate and modify the newly discovered “Companion Robot,” And select an existing Model 3900 Familiar robot to accompany him through time and help collect information and knowledge lost during the war. Their travels often put them in the middle of that one-hundred-year war, but their adventures range thousands of years into the past and into the future.

In this, the first book of six, our intrepid duo travels to the year 2859 (the second decade of the one-hundred-year war) to retrieve a journal known as the “Golden Book of Knowledge.”

They discover a native population who uses ancient, cobbled together weapons to survive the all too frequent battles between the human and robot armed forces.

Advance Praise for William Neal McPheeters' The Last Companion

"Well-written, expertly drawn, The Last Companion brings old-fashioned western-style action to a new post-robot-apocalypse world. McPheeters has found a way to blend America's best folklore with America's worst fears and take us forward into the past. It's rousing stuff!" - Andrew Klavan, Edgar Award-winning and The New York Times best-selling author

"Original in concept, great on the eye -- scary, compassionate, exciting, and funny.  This one's got it all."   - Jack Ketchum, Bram Stoker award-winning author of Off Season and The Girl Next Door.

"Time travel! War! A Robot Bear…? Oh My! In a dystopian future where the West is still wild, The Last Companion spins a tale of war, loss, destruction, and redemption. By the year 3939 the robot wars have almost destroyed the human race. The last hope for humanity rests on the shoulders of a kabot cowboy and his robot bear sidekick. If the Lone Ranger, Quantum Leap, and Back to the Future had a baby, it would be The Last Companion!" - Christopher Hanchey, author of Androsaurs.

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