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Tenacity: A Memoir

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Tenacity is the true story of one man's courageous battle with Parkinson's disease. At the height of his career as a successful cardiac anesthesiologist, Jon is given a diagnosis that changes his perspective and alters the course of his life. Rather than be overcome by fear, Jon chooses to fight. His journey takes you from the wilds of the Arctic tundra to the heights of the Rocky Mountains as he learns to seize control of his life and his future.

Editorial Reviews


from J. Annas Walker:
It takes a great deal of gumption to stare a serious illness in the eye and not blink. What I find compelling in Tenacity is how one man refuses to give up in the face of adversity. He's forced into a version of retirement when his health starts failing, but he doesn't just roll over and give into the illness. He finds the strength to keep on going. He had to redefine his life and what it meant to live fully, but he did so with great courage. Tenacity isn't just one man's memoir. It's a study of the human condition. I give Tenacity a full 5 stars

From the Author

TENACITY covers several events from my early life, which strengthened me. After several years of training and nineteen years of working as a cardiac anesthesiologist in my dream job, I was confronted with the debilitating effects of Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. I held on and continued to work and teach residents for six years after my diagnosis. Finally, I decided to take myself out of the game before I ever had a complaint from a patient or surgeon. In my early retirement I have used my learned tenacity and persistence to fight the effects of this progressive movement disorder.