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Over 60 million people in the United States and Great Britain are estimated to have phobias. There is no specific gene that causes phobias. While anxiety disorders and phobias may start in childhood, and children who have a parent or close relative with a specific phobia may be more likely to develop it, there is no specific situation that causes phobias. However, most people who deal with an anxiety disorder or phobia on a daily basis know they are coping with a difficulty. They know that research is ongoing, such as studies on the amygdala, the specific brain region associated with the "fight-or-flight" response. They know there are no "cures." From beta blockers to SSRIs and MAOIs to sedatives to behavioral therapy to biofeedback to herbal remedies, there is no one solution. They also know they are not alone! On these pages, you will find eighteen stories and one poem by individuals who courageously face each day, and each night, knowing life will throw many things, both good and difficult, in their path. And yet, they go on. Read, applaud, and be grateful for your own life.