Evil Jester Press/Hidden Thoughts Press Dark Fiction, Comics, Non Fiction


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From the murky depths of the ocean to the unlit forbidden places beneath the earth, from the dark and distant past to uncertain futures, from far-flung outer space to the unholy evils that lurk in waiting in our very own backyards, sixteen masters of the macabre, old and new, explore a landscape of terror and madness -- and dare to answer the call of Lovecraft!

Contributors: Ramsey Campbell, Lee Clark Zumpe, Jaqueline Seewald, William Meikle, James Ravan, Carol MacAllister, Geoffrey James, R.E. Dent, Derek Neville, John B. Rosenman, Scott Lefebvre, Karen Dent, H. David Blalock, Scott Goudsward, Gregory L. Norris, John F.D. Taff, and H.P. Lovecraft.